How to Use QR Codes to Promote Your Business

QR codes are becoming a great tool to help promote a business. Businesses that are using QR codes have a marketing edge over their competitors that are not using QR codes.

Ideas for QR Codes

  • placement on business cards
  • linking to coupons
  • linking to the business’s social media
  • contact information of the business or individual
  • placement on marketing materials
  • linking special events to a QR code, such as special sales or promotions
  • linking the QR code to Google map coordinates of the location of the business
  • link to a video providing information on the business
  • any other information on the business, products or services offered by the business, or on the individuals involved in the business

Ideas for QR Codes

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  • Make them easy for the customer to scan. Place them in areas that are easily accessible and easy for people to stop for a few seconds to scan the QR code.
  • Teach employees about QR codes. If you have a QR code physically in your place of business, make sure your employees know about it in case a customer asks about it. An employee should have a general knowledge of how to scan QR codes and how to download a QR code reader if a customer should need assistance.
  • Help the customer. Don’t make a QR code just to make a QR code. Make it useful. Make some for advertising, but try to incorporate a way to help the customer.
  • Pay attention to responses to the QR code. See which QR codes they are making use of, and which ones they are ignoring. If the QR codes are not useful, get rid of them and make useful ones.
  • Make sure QR codes are up to date. If a customer or potential customer takes the time to scan a QR code, it should take them somewhere or give them some information on their phone. If a URL that you linked a QR code to is broken, it reflects poorly on your business and wastes the person’s time.
  • Place on marketing materials. Once people read a flyer, they often forget about it. By having a QR code placed on the flyer, the person can scan the code, and have all the information from the flyer and more about the business saved in their phone for future reference.