QR Code & NFC Technology Links

Learn more about QR codes and NFC technology with the following links:

Although near field communication data exchange takes places when devices are within a few centimeters of one another, this does not completely protect consumers from having their information stolen. Eavesdropping can occur, which means a person can use an antenna to pick up wireless data transfer. People can also perform data modification on NFC devices which means they can delete information on a phone fairly easily. It is more difficult to just modify data, but it can still happen.

QR Codes

  • What are QR Codes? – Lawrence University’s FAQ on QR codes. This also tells how their library has begun to use these codes.
  • Microsoft Tag: The QR Code on Steroids – Microsoft High Capacity Color Barcodes (HCBBs) are similar to QR codes, but more visually appealing. These are much more customized than QR codes, but not as easy to create. These allow a company to integrate their brand logo or symbol into the barcode to make their customized barcode more visually recognizable.
  • Library Guides: QR Codes – Wichita State University Library’s informational video on QR codes and help for how to use them.
  • QR Codes 101 – MIT Hermes is a site edited by MIT individuals that help contribute their knowledge on new information technology. This page is their breakdown on everything about QR codes. Check out the picture at the bottom of a QR code cut out in a large field.
  • Google’s Favorite Places – Google gives a brief overview of QR codes, and provides their customized QR code that takes you to their homepage.
  • The Resurgence of QR Codes – This article on Conversations by Nokia was written in May 2011 about how QR codes are expanding in popularity and are beginning to be used in marketing. My guess is a year from the date of this article, most business will have to consider how they will use QR codes as a marketing tool.
  • “Nerdscaping” and QR Art – This webpage contains some great pictures of QR codes used in an artistic manner. One artist believes that the scannable nature of the QR codes in his works gives the art meaning.
  • Students Develop QR Code App, Website – A student from Alpine worked with two students from BYU to create an iPhone app that scans QR codes. They also composed a website that helps businesses promote their goods or services by using QR codes. The website contains a free QR code generator. This was one of the first apps for scanning QR codes.
  • 4 Mistakes Marketers Make with QR Codes – This article lists four mistakes that marketers often make when first experimenting with QR codes in their business. The list includes the reasoning behind labeling these efforts as mistakes.
  • 50 Creative Uses of QR Codes – This article lists fifty different unique uses of QR codes. Some of these include QR codes in elevators, QR codes on movie posters, and jigsaw puzzle QR codes.

Near Field Communication

  • The Federal Trade Commission’s Pay on the Go Workshop – This is a PowerPoint presentation by the FTC that discusses near field communication and how it is foreseen to be used for mobile payments. It also talks about planned safeguards against malicious attacks on NFC and some recent feedback from NFC trials.
  • New Jersey Transit Partners with Google Wallet – This news article tells about New Jersey Transit’s usage of NFC payments. Rides can now use Google Wallet to simply wave their phone in front of the sensors to pay for their ride.
  • Personal Area Networks: Near- Field Intrabody Communication – This article was written before near field communication technology and talks about the potential for Personal Area Networks (PANs). Although outdated, it’s interesting to read about the technology that people imagined before there was NFC.
  • Near Field Communications – This contains an extensive overview on near field communication. It also includes information on essential specifications of near field communication, strong points, weak points, who is using NFC, manufacturers of NFC, and the future of the technology.
  • Smart Touch – Browsing Through Smart Objects Around You – Smart Touch technology uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and near field communication technology’s protocol and connectivity interface. Smart Touch is touch based interaction between a mobile device using the device’s NFC chip and a physical environment.