How to use QR Codes on Business Cards

QR codes are such a great marketing tool that they are making their way onto business cards. Having a QR code on a business card, makes it easy for a potential employer, buyer, or business partner to quickly scan information about you and your work into their phone. I feel like this will also make someone look twice at your business cards. I know sometimes, someone will give me their business card, and I’ll simply stuff it in my wallet and possibly never look at it again, unless I remember it’s there. When you have a QR code on your card, I think people will want to immediately scan it to see what information it contains or what URL it will lead them too. Then if they get rid of the business card, the information from a website, or a person’s contact information can still be stored in the phone.

The important thing to remember with using QR codes on business cards is the aesthetics of the card. The appearance of a business card is still very important, so you need to take precaution to not make it look sloppy by just throwing a QR code on there. I would still include some text on the card, definitely a name and information about the type of business you’re in, and place a small QR code somewhere on the card that still allows the card to look full of information, but not overwhelming.

Ideas for QR codes on a Business Card

  • A QR code that links to a resume.
  • Linking contact information to a QR code.
  • Link a social media page like FaceBook or LinkedIn to a QR code.
  • Link your company webpage to a QR code.
  • If you make something, anything from websites to woodcrafts, create a QR code that links to a picture of your product.
  • If you own a business, create a QR code linking to your business’s webpage.
  • Encode a QR code with your references’ contact information.
  • Make a QR code that has the text of recommendations from co-workers or past employers.
  • A QR code that links to your most recent project or accomplishment. If you just graduated, maybe have a QR code to a picture of your diploma, or the college webpage listing its recent graduates.