Quilting Patterns for Beginners to Advanced

Quilting is an activity and hobby that has been around for several centuries. It involves sewing numerous layers and swatches of material to make a much larger piece. This can then be used as a blanket, decoration or item of clothing. The earliest forms of quilting can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. Quilting became much more popular during the Middle Ages. Instead of just one person doing it, it was common for multiple women to get together and work in unison. At that time, quilts were used by knights to provide comfort under their heavy metal armor. By the Colonial era, quilting was performed more for creating large, warm blankets. This was also done in order to recycle scraps of fabric during hard times. In the past century, quilting branched off into a form of art, valued for its aesthetic beauty instead of practical usage. Quilting today is still done by hand, although some prefer to use a sewing machine. There are many different types of styles and patterns that are used in quilting. No matter what your experience level is, there’s a pattern for you! Have a look at some of the resources below to get started.

Beginner Quilting Patterns

  • Flying Geese Pattern– The Flying Geese pattern showcases a series of back-to-back triangles in long columns.
  • Square Quilted Pot Holder– Learn to make a simple pot holder from a few squares of fabric.
  • Checkerboard Quilt– Make a quilt with an alternating square pattern and a double border.
  • Rail Fence Quilt– This basic quilt uses three colors of fabrics and is suitable for beginners.
  • Card Trick Quilt – Try a great pattern that features overlapping diamond shapes for a lovely baby quilt.
  •  Quilted Basket Liner – A warm, floral quilt is easy to make and perfect for lining a basket.

Intermediate Quilting Patterns

  • Tea Rose Pattern – Soft pink and green pastels combine to make a pretty geometric rose shape in this quilt pattern.
  • Apple Appliqué Pattern – After setting down a standard quilting pattern, add a colorful apple pattern to make it more interesting.
  • Stack N Slash Pattern – This is an ideal pattern for those with a large number of scrap fabric pieces lying around.
  • Quilted Accent Pillow– Instead of only sticking to blankets, follow this tutorial for a perfectly quilted accent pillow to place on the couch or bed.
  • Colorful Flower Pattern– Pick out bright hues against a dark background for maximum impact with this repeated geometric flower pattern.
  • Quilted Table Runner– Use colors to match the décor of your dining room when making this beautiful table runner.

Advanced Quilting Patterns

  • Picnic Blanket Quilt– A colorful picnic blanket quilt features zigzag patterns, flowers and even a handle!
  • Animal Patterns – Pick from a series of free quilt patterns that feature animal shapes; perfect as a gift for younger children or animal lovers!
  • Baxter the Dog Pattern – This free tutorial offers a printable pattern along with downloadable instructions for a lively, cartoon dog quilt.
  • Mustang Country Pattern– Make a wonderfully detailed geometric quilt bordered with print designs of your choosing.
  • Scottish Plaid Pattern– Bring a taste of the traditional Scottish plaids into your home with this beautiful layered pattern.
  • Girly Quilted Sleeping Bag– A handmade quilted sleeping bag is a thoughtful gift for a child going away to camp for their first time.