Custom QR Codes – How to Market Yourself

Say you are a musician or a freelancer – any job in which you need to market yourself and your service or product as an individual can be assisted through the creation of QR codes. Even if you are just a looking for a new job or career, making a customized QR code promoting yourself and your accomplishments is a great way for you to stand out in a stack of faceless job applications. Here on some of my ideas on where you should put a QR code to market yourself and where you should code the QR code to lead:

  • Put a QR code on your resume. A QR code on your resume can help you stand out, especially since it’s still very difficult to find a job, doing anything to look better on a sheet of paper to a potential employer can help you get the job over someone else who has the same qualifications. Putting the code on your resume can show that you are technically proficient without ever actually stating that in words on the resume. You can link this QR code to your professional blog or your LinkedIn which can both give the potential employer more information about work experience and knowledge. You could also link it to a website, video, or image that displays your most current project as related to that career field.
  • Put a QR code on your business card. Like putting your QR code on your resume, putting a code on your business card automatically gives the message that you are knowledgeable about current technological trends and know how to use them. You can link this to a professional social networking page or your professional website or blog.
  • Put a QR code on promotional flyers or advertisements for events you are involved in. I think this would be a great idea for musicians who are trying to promote upcoming concerts and events that they are involved in. This way you could make a QR code that links to a video of your band or yourself performing. I can’t tell you how many times I get flyers on campus advertising some band that I’ve never even heard of before. So I really have no motivation to go unless I know someone going, or if I really want to look them up online and see if I like them. By placing QR code to a video of a performance, people know exactly what they are going to experience if they attend the event.

I would recommend putting a QR code on any material which only provides a limited amount of space and whose goal is to gain you a job or to get business. Many real estate agents have been placing their QR codes on signs with their names and pictures on them when advertising that they are showing a home. I have also seen politicians on their promotions signs under their names. Also, I got a ton of mail before Election Day from politicians and most of them had QR codes leading to their websites.