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Post PicWhat is a QR code? You’ve probably seen them before, and if you have a smart phone you’ve probably scanned one or two for a coupon code. QR codes are the box shaped bar codes that have been popping up all over the place and have been becoming a huge marketing phenomenon. With the increasing popularity of internet capable phones, these little boxes can be easily scanned through an application that is added to the phone, which then takes the user to a destination online or display text or contact information on their phone. As more people begin to buy smart phones, there will be an increase in this type of data transfer technology.

QR codes are helping businesses as well as consumers. People can scan company’s QR codes to learn more about the company or even get discounts and promotions. Since these codes are interactive and usually free to make, they provide great incentive for both the consumer and business. Marketing is turning over a new leaf and expanding in to the field of quick data communication as a way to interact with potential and current customers.

These codes can be placed anywhere to spread information about a company. Many businesses are looking for more unique ways to customize these codes and code them so that they take a customer to an interesting and useful location once it is scanned. From QR code stickers, business cards with QR codes, and QR coupon codes, these 2D barcodes are expanding rapidly and becoming the future of marketing in many different fields of business and personal marketing.