QR Code Apps

There are so many QR code apps for every type of phone. It's hard to pick just one to use. Most of these apps are completely free. The ones that cost money, often give you a free trial to see if it's worth your money, but the cost if usually never much more than two or three dollars. Some of these apps will also scan regular types of barcodes, which can come in useful for comparing prices of items with online stores. There are also some apps that double as readers and generators.

The fact that there are so many QR code reader apps for free, makes QR codes a great marketing tool. Although not everyone has a smart phone with which to download the apps, the popularity of smart phones are increasing, and soon most of the population will own one and will easily be able to download a QR code reader. Some phones even come with a QR code reader already installed on the phone. Smart phones are going to become as common as regular cell phones, so most people will have the capability to decode QR codes.

The following is a list of apps for different types of smart phones.


  • QR Pal
  • Barcode Scanner
  • ShopSavvy
  • ScanLife
  • QuickMark
  • QR Droid
  • Fun 2D QR Reader
  • CertainTeed QR Code Reader


  • QuickMark
  • Optiscan
  • NeoReader
  • RedLaser
  • ShopSavvy
  • QR Reader
  • i-nigma
  • Bakodo
  • QRafter


  • QR Code Scanner Pro
  • BeeTagg
  • ScanLife

Windows Phone

  • NeoReader
  • Quickmark
  • PhraseMeme Scanner
  • QR Reader
  • Stripes

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